About us

We have been actively involved in medical simulation and its use in the didactic process at medical faculties for more than a dozen years. We want to share this knowledge and experience with trainees so that simulation, which is one of the best teaching methods, can be fully utilized and devoid of bad practices.

We teach only proven knowledge supported by scientific evidence (Evidence-Based Practice). Our solutions also have been practiced for many years in large educational centers and are subject to continuous evaluation. We realize that creating and equipping a simulation laboratory is only the beginning of the adventure in medical simulation; it is much more difficult to use the equipment and modern solutions in the educational process.

In any job, competent and well-trained personnel play a key role. We understand that good training is the foundation of good simulation instructors. That’s why we select instructors who specialize in a particular area to conduct each course. Our team of medical simulation experts has extensive experience of up to dozen years in educating students using medical simulation.

In order to ensure the highest quality of training, we conduct courses in small groups, with a strong emphasis on practical elements and taking into account the specific work environment of each participant. Trainings in groups composed of people working in different simulation centers additionally contribute to establishing new contacts and exchanging experiences. They are also characterized by greater effectiveness compared to on-the-job training.