Medcam Simulations Systems


We would like to invite you to make an appointment for a presentation of the newest on the market, innovative, highly intuitive and extremely functional Polish audio-video system for recording and debriefing as well as conducting OSCE exams, created with the idea and adapted to the realities of Medical Simulation Centers – the MEDCAM system.

If your SIM Centre already has an audio-video system in place, but it doesn’t meet the educational goals, or if operating different audio-video systems causes problems for technicians and instructors – we know how to remedy this easily!

An experienced multidisciplinary team of specialists will help you with the selection of equipment, as well as the design of a system tailored to the needs and conditions at your SIM Centre.

Without making big changes, we will adapt your existing audio-visual system to one that will allow you to realize the full potential of your Center.

MEDCAM system has a number of fine-tuned and functional solutions. Among other things, it allows for full student assessment during both simulation sessions and OSCE exams. In addition, it provides full interaction between students in the simulation room and instructors in the control rooms. The system allows various scenarios to be conducted, at all levels of fidelity, regardless of the manufacturer of the simulators.


So once you try to work with Medcam, you will never agree to less.

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