Overlays for simulators

Problem with low realism in medical simulation?

Practical exercise on simulators with a mapped normal BMI and an athlete’s body is likely to teach students how to perform the procedure correctly on a similar patient, but it will not fully prepare students for real-world conditions – especially since statistics show that 53% of the European Union population has an abnormal weight.

It is not as easy to place patient with a sagging abdomen as a slim patient, for example, in a safer position. It is also not easy to place electrodes in the right place on an obese patient. Performing medical procedures can therefore be more difficult on a massive patient, which, in real-world conditions, can cause the student considerable stress, confusion, decreased confidence and even improper performance of procedures.

The hyper-realistic handmade simulator overlays give a “human face” to the simulators and make students show more emotional involvement, thus enhancing the experience of medical simulation, breaking the resistance of speaking to the “doll.”

The overlays are made of high-quality medical silicone, which provides the overlays with aesthetic and functional properties. They are also non-toxic, and can therefore be used with the actor-SP for a more realistic characterization of the character being played. This expands the possibilities of simulation scenarios when, for example, we have only a simulator or SP-young woman at our disposal, but we want to carry out a scenario involving an elderly male patient.


  • highly realistic workmanship
  • hand-painted by artists with hand-applied hair
  • quick and easy assembly and disassembly on the simulator
  • made of medical grade silicone
  • easy to store and maintain
  • made with technology to prevent tearing
  • include ECG connectors
  • enable auscultation
  • enable use with AED for training
  • work with most simulators
  • fit over the simulator (or SP) with a strap
  • comes with a storage box with support for the overlay

Models available

  • Senior female Caucasian
  • Middle-aged female senior citizen
  • Middle-aged Caucasian male
  • Middle-aged male
  • Middle-aged man, medium skin tone
  • Senior Caucasian male
  • Senior female of African-American race

Available soon

  • Middle-aged African-American woman
  • Middle-aged Caucasian woman