Training for medical simulation technicians

This training is dedicated to those entering the role of medical simulation technician.

Main goals of the training:

Getting familiar with:

  •  main tasks of a technician in the Medical Simulation Center,
  • organization of work in the Medical Simulation Center
  • assistance of the technician in the preparation of equipment for classes and his role during classes,
  • operation of trainers and phantoms,
  • operation of high-fidelity simulators,
  • operation of audio-video systems dedicated to debriefing,
  • operation of an application dedicated to the simulators in question,
  • learning to write automatic scenarios in applications dedicated to simulators,
  • simple repairs and service elements in the Medical Simulation Center.

Form of training realization:

    • Training in Rzeszow, Poland using the organizer’s equipment and infrastructure. Training can last one, two or three days, depending on the needs of the participant. Training is conducted in small training groups to ensure high effectiveness of training.
    • Training at the Participants’ premises, using the Participants’ equipment and infrastructure. Training last be one, two or three days, depending on the participants’ needs. In order to maintain high effectiveness of training, we suggest no larger than 8-person training groups.
    • Training in a remote form, using the latest tele-education techniques, such as: e-learning courses with extensive graphics and video, live interactive simulation sessions with active participation of trainees.